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About Us - Our Beginning


Bob & Marylin Morford

Bob & Marylin are members of the Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, California.

Bob is a retired Structural Engineer and has handcrafted wood projects in his private shop for more than 40 years.

He has been playing Croquet and Handcrafting mallets since 2009.  Every mallet is PERSONALLY handcrafted  with Exotic & Domestic Woods to achieve the maximum torsion resistance for the particular configuration and weight specified by the customer. 

email:      760.902.4992


Ben "HUNTER" Rothman

2019 Ben Rothman became the first American to win the World Championships of Croquet with a Golf Croquet victory in Southwick, England. 


     2008-2019 North American Rating #1

     2019 World Ranking #1 GC and AC

Ben is the first player to hold all six National Titles 

(singles and doubles in AC,GC and American Rules)

simultaneously.  He has won 20 National Championships and has been on the US International Team since 2008.

2009 Ben "HUNTER" Rothman was not satisfied with his previous mallet.  Over a glass of wine, Ben designed his most perfect mallet on a cocktail napkin.  Bob took up the challenge  and built the "HUNTER" mallet.  STILL USED TODAY.




Justin & Blake Fields

Blake and father Justin won First Place Doubles in the Western Regional Golf Croquet Tournament 2018.  Blake won second place playing singles against Ben Rothman.

Both play with Morford "SIGNATURE" mallets.

Blake is a Protege of Ben when he was 8 years old.  He started winning tournaments when he was 11 years old and currently plays in 1st Flight and some cases OPEN Flight.

Blake also likes to work with Bob (the mallet man) in his shop.